Creative Director/Designer: Genes Sotto

Originally from San Francisco, Genes obtained a prestigious pedigree in Graphic Design from the California College of the Arts. In his final year, he was fortunate to study under the world-renowned graphic designer, Michael Vanderbyl. Vanderbyl, known for his multifaceted design intellect and creativity from Fashion to Furniture, inspired Genes to utilize his Graphic background to pursue a career in other design related industries. Genes went on to work for Levi's, Gap and Old Navy. In '97, Genes took a brief interlude to build two Internet companies. Achieving financial success, Genes chose to sell and realized his passion for Branding and clothing design. He launched GENES, Fashion label in January of 2000 in San Francisco, with a Fall/Winter collection of urban casual wear. Genes briefly rested production, only to reconvene in America's fashion capital, New York City, in June 2003. Genes Sotto strives to create lifestyle designs that will ascend with time and always emerge with visual ingenuity. He relates to his clients with a New York spark and a west coast vibe.